Ackroyd, Peter, Queer City: Gay London from the Romans to the Present Day (London: Chatto and Windus, 2017). Blackwell’s little Emporium, LGBT Pride stand for Liverpool Pride 2017 🙂


Adair, Gilbert, The Real Tadzio: Thomas Mann’s ‘Death in Venice’ and the Boy Who Inspired It (London: Short Books, 2001) “The Amorous Cat”, quirky Lark Lane, Liverpool, bookshop:RIP


Airey, Stephen, Messer Rondo & Other Stories By Gay Men (London: Gay Men’s Press, 1983) [Bought News from Nowhere, Whitechapel, 1985]


Aitken, Will, Terre Haute (London: Gay Men’s Press, 1990; Reissued in the Gay Men’s Press Collection, 1998)


Alameddine, Rabih, The Angel of History: A Novel (Great Britain: Corsair, 2016). Blackwell’s Sanctuary, 2017


Allan, Jonathan A., Reading from Behind: A Cultural Analysis of the Anus (London: Zed Books, 2016). Waterstones, Liverpool One, quite enterprising literary critical theory section. QUEER THEORY


Arenas, Reinaldo, Before Night Falls, trans. by Dolores M. Koch (London: Serpent’s Tail, 2001) [“Steve, A new addition to the Big Gay Library Z x”]


Arrowsmith, Pat, Jericho (London: Heretic Books, 1983; First published 1965 by The Cresset Press)IMG_7659


Barlow, Clare, Queer British Art 1861-1967 (London: Tate Publishing, 2017)


Beaumont, Sebastian, The Linguist (London: Millivres Ltd, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, Gay Men’s Press, 2000)


Beavers, David Patrick, Jackal in the Dark (Brighton: Millivres, 1994; 1st edn)


Bram, Christopher, In Memory of Angel Clare (London: GMP, 1991; English 1st edn) [Purchased 1993]


Bram, Christopher, Father of Frankenstein (Published by Plume, an imprint of Dutton Signet, a division of Penguin Books USA Inc.; previously published in a Dutton edition: 1996)


Burton, Peter, ed., Bend Sinister: The Gay Times Book of Disturbing Stories (London: GMP, an imprint of Millivres Prowler Limited, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, 2002)


Bram, Christopher, Surprising Myself (London: GMP, 1990; First published in the USA in 1987 by Donald I. Fine, Inc)


Brown, Laurence, Addictions (London: Millivres Ltd, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, Gay Men’s Press, 2000)


Caldwell, Joseph, In Such Dark Places (Boston: Alyson Publications, Inc., 1978)


Carlson, Kim, Breakfast in Bedlam (London: GMP, 1991) {bought Summer, 1996}


Carson, Michael, The Knight of the Flaming Heart (London: Doubleday, 1995) [Signed by the author, ‘for Steve Benson!! 6 June 2000′. Uncannily, my surname is Benson, I am gay and studied English at University College of Wales, Aberyswyth: the “hero” of Carson’s earlier series is called Benson, is gay , AND studied English at Aberystwyth!!!!! I met Carson in 2000 and do not know if he quite believed all this, though it is, disturbingly, all true; he did, anyway, give me free signed copies of most of his books! “Stripping Penguins Bare” is the volume where the similarities are most acute as it is set in “Aber”!]


Clewes, Colin, Gay in the 80s: From Fighting for Our Rights to Fighting for Our Lives (Leicestershire: Matador, 2017). Remarkable for an account of the seminal, intersectional campaign “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners” and the anti Section 28 campaign, of which I was part. https://towardsutopia.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/section-28-the-fight-against-it-in-merseyside-reportagelgbt-archiveunwritten-histories-by-steven-benson/


Coming Out: Sexuality, Gender and Identity (Liverpool: National Museums Liverpool, 2017). The Merseyside LGBT hub of groups, of which I am (co) founder and Organiser, was utilized by NML as the consultation group for another(net-based) LGBT exhibition/archive:”Pride and Prejudice”. So archives upon archives of lgbt/gay/queer history.


Cooper, Dennis, ed., Discontents: New Queer Writers (New York: Amethyst Press, 1992) [“Liverpool reclaimed and revisited 1992”]


Cunningham, Michael, A Home at the End of the World (London: Penguin, 1991) [“Liverpool July 1995 and April 2004. Read on the train to, and at, Pwllhelli, and Abersoch; and on the way to, and back from, Robin’s, Sussex. And a bit at Porthmadog: caravan with Pie and Pat, April 2004, and back from creative arts week at Hebden Bridge, via John’s 19 April 2004; for book group (me facilitating!) April 2004”.] This would go in the gay canon: a classic of gay men’s writing.


Dipple, Richard, ed., Cracks in the Image: Stories by Gay Men (London: GMP, 1981) [Bought February 1985, News from Nowhere; November 2016: used for ‘community’ theme in Merseyside LGBT book group]


Duberman, Martin, Jews Queers Germans: A Novel/History (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2017)


Everton, Ian, Alienation (London: GMP, 1982) [“From Pie, 10/13; Started at Whitby 10/13; Finished Liverpool 11/13”]. Striking for its  daring useage of the overarching “the heterosexual” to describe the (perceived?) enemy early Gay Lib groups were fighting


Feinberg, David B., Spontaneous Combustion (London: GMP, 1992)


Fisher, Peter, The Gay Mystique: The Myth and Reality of Male Homosexuality (New York: Day Books, 1978). Yeah, let’s keep that gay mystique, baby.


Fitzroy, A. T., Despised and Rejected (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1988; First published in 1918 by C. W. Daniel Ltd.)


Freeman, Gillian, The Leather Boys (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1985; First published in 1961 by Anthony Blond) [bought News from Nowhere, Whitechapel site, November, 1985]


Ford, Charles, and Parker Tyler, The Young and Evil (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1989; First published by The Obelisk Press, 1933)


Foreman, Martin, A Sense of Loss (London: GMP, 1993)


Fournier-Alain, Le Grand Meaulnes, trans. by Frank Davison (Penguin Modern Classics: 1966; first published in France 1913). A queer classic, where the gay male subtext has had the heterosexist hegemonic literary establishment try and write it out of history. But Seurel loves Meaulnes like crazy and it is overt!! One of the main purposes of my collection, and, thus, this recording and marking of it, is the de-invisibilzation and re-integration of such gay/queer texts into their rightful place in OUR gay/queer canon


Gide, Andre, Corydon (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1985; Original French edition first published in 1925 by Editions Gallimard)


Gluck, Robert, Jack the Modernist (London: GMP, 1986) [“bought Liverpool, summer 1997”]IMG_7657


Goldstein, Ben, ed., More Like Minds (London: GMP, 1991)


Guibert, Hervé, To the Friend Who Did Not Save my Life, trans. by Linda Coverdale (London: Quartet Books, 1995)


Hamburger, Michael, String of Beginnings: Intermittent Memoirs 1924-1954 (London: Skoob Books Publishing, —-; published by Carcanet Press, 1973) [Lover of the narrator in The Rings of Saturn by W. G. Sebald]


Hanscombe, Gillian E., and Martin Humphries, eds, Heterosexuality (London: GMP, 1987). Am I heterosexual because I was too much under my mum’s tutelage?!:P TURN THOSE TABLES


Hartnett, P-P, ed., Gay Times Book of Short Stories (Gay Times Books, Millivres Ltd, part of Millivres Prowler Group, 2000)


Hayes, Bill, Insomniac City: New York, Olive, and Me (London: Bloomsbury, 2017)


Ingham, Anthea, Sebastian’s Tangibles (London: GMP, an imprint of Millivres Prowler Limited, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, 2003)


Ireland, Timothy, The Novice (London: GMP, 1988)


Ireland, Timothy, A Time to Burn (London: GMP, 1992)


Ireland, Timothy, Who Lies Inside (London: GMP, 1984) [bought old News from Nowhere, May 1985]


James, Richard, Red (Brighton: GMP, imprint of Millivres Prowler, 2002)


Jivani, Alkarim, It’s Not Unusual: A History of Lesbian and Gay Britain in the Twentieth Century (London: Michael O’Mara Books Limited, 1997)


King, Francis, A Domestic Animal (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1984) [First published 1970 by Longman] [“July 1985, News from Nowhere”]


King, Francis, The Firewalkers (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1985) [First published 1956 by John Murray (Publishers) Ltd.] [“Grassroots, Manchester, August 1985”]


Laing, Olivia, The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone (London: Canongate, 2017). Blackwell’s den of surprises!


Le Gallienne, Richard, The Romantic ‘90s (London: Robin Clark Limited, 1993) [after Le Gallienne, Hopkins, etc., symposium. 11/16]


Lehmann, John, In the Purely Pagan Sense (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1985; First published 1976 by Blond and Briggs Ltd.) [“January 1986, News from Nowhere”]


Lehmann, John, In the Purely Pagan Sense (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, Second Impression June 1989) [“10/11 Liberating but, as a stylist, mediocre”]


Lord, James, My Queer War (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011). The queerest queer book; knowingly camp(ersatz Proust) or just rubbish?


Louis, Edouard, The End of Eddy, trans. by Michael Lucey (London: Harvill Secker, 2017). Blackwell’s 2017 “Pride”  display


Lovat, Simon, Attrition (London: Millivres Ltd, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, 2000)


Lovat, Simon, Disorder and Chaos (Brighton: Millivres Books, 1996)


Lucas, Ian, Impertinent Decorum: Gay Theoretical Manoeuvres (London: Cassell, 1994) [“April 2017, Oxfam, Allerton Road”]


Mann, Klaus, The Pious Dance: The Adventure Story of a Young Man, trans. by Laurence Senelick (London: GMP, 1988) [Original German publication in 1925 under the title Der Fromme Tanz] Klaus, openly gay son of closeted gay/bisexual Thomas, killed himself. An exquisitely beautiful novel of Weimar gay Berlin. Buy it!


McDonald, Anthony, Orange Bitter, Orange Sweet (London: GMP, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, 2001)


Martland, Arthur, E. M. Forster: Passion and Prose (London: GMP, 1999). The first text on Forster to FULLY acknowledge the importance of his sexual orientation to his oeuvre.


Martin, Kenneth, Billy’s Brother (London: GMP, 1989) [“From Pie, Christmas 2012, Finished 17/1/13”]. One of the darkest books I have EVER read!


Martin, Kenneth, The Tin Islands (Brighton: Millivres Books [Publishers], 1996)IMG_7662


Maugham, Robin, Enemy! (Brighton: Millivres Books, 1994) [Gay lit top 20! Very Moving]


Maugham, Robin, The Wrong People (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1986) [Original version published in the USA in 1967; Revised edition first published in 1970]

Niles, Blair, Strange Brother (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1991) [First published in 1931 by Horace Liveright]


Nonweiler, Barry, That Other Realm of Freedom (London: GMP, 1983) [“Steve on your birthday 2001 Caroline x”; Reread November 2016 -after original reading c. 1985/6 – for Merseyside LGBT book group. Theme: hope & self re-invention (with Nora Webster, Colm Toibin)] This book helped mould my coming out. https://towardsutopia.wordpress.com/2017/07/20/the-role-of-gay-mens-fiction-in-identity-formation-of-a-gay-man-by-steven-benson/


Out in Art (London: GMP, 1986) [May 1998]. {Rare, overtly homo-erotic art book} Captures from it here: https://towardsutopia.wordpress.com/2017/09/06/gaylgbtqueer-archive-part-2-may-1988-out-in-artgmp-1986-by-steven-benson/


Paterson, James-Hamilton, Rancid Pansies (London: Faber and Faber, 2008). Grasmere(bookshop), August, 2009IMG_7656


Payne, Simon, The Beat (London: GMP, 1985) [June 1985]


Powell, Neil, Unreal City (Brighton: Millivres Books [Publishers], 1992)


Purdy, James, Eustace Chisholm and the Works (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1984) [First published 1967 in the USA Farrar Straus Giroux] [“July 1985, News from Nowhere, 10 months after starting to come out” – for the second time: I actually first attempted it in 1981 in Aberystwyth at uni but went back in the closet on returning to Liverpool]


Purdy, James, I Am Elijah Thrush (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1986) [First published in 1972 by Doubleday]


Reed, Jeremy, Red Hot Lipstick: Erotic Stories (London: Peter Owen Publishers, 1996)


Rees, David, Words and Music (Brighton: Millivres Books [Publishers], 1993). David Rees died, of AIDS, in 1993.


Reid, Forrest, Uncle Stephen (London: GMP, 1988) [First published 1931 by Faber and Faber]


Reid, John, The Best Little Boy in the World (New York: Ballantine Books, 1977)


Round, Jeffrey, A Cage of Bones (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1997)


Sam Jones, John, With Angels and Furies (London: GMP, an imprint of Millivres Prowler Limited, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, 2005) [“Aberystwyth revisited, and Devil’s Bridge, with Angus; July 2005 (and Porthmadog etc.)”]. I went to uni with this author:)


Smith, Hazel, Hyperscapes in the Poetry of Frank O’Hara: Difference / Homosexuality / Topography (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2000)


Smith, Rupert, Fly on the Wall (London: GMP, an imprint of Millivres Prowler Limited, part of the Millivres Prowler Group, 2002)


Spencer, Colin, Asylum (London: Panther, 1970; first published in Great Britain by Anthony Blond Limited, 1966)


Tate, Tim, with LGSM [Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners], Pride (London: John Blake Books, 2017) [8/17; Ongoing {self} pride; I met Dai Donovan]


Toíbín, Colm, The Master (London: Picador, 2004) [“Read 3/15 with some compassion for H. J.!”]


Turner, Mark W., Backward Glances: Cruising the Queer Streets of New York and London (London: Reaktion Books, 2003) [November 2006]


Virga, Vincent, Gaywick (London: GMP, 1987) [First published in 1980 by Avon Books] [December 1987]. A camp satire on the Gothic novel.


Vogel, Bruno, Alf, trans. by Samuel B. Johnson (London: GMP/Gay Modern Classics, 1992) [Originally published in 1929]


Wakefield, Tom, The Discus Throwers (London: GMP, 1985) [“Christmas 1985, News from Nowhere”]


Wakefield, Tom, Drifters (London: GMP, 1984)


Weldon, John Lee, Memory Touches Memory (London: GMP, 1989; 1st edn)


White, Edmund, Our Young Man (London: Bloomsbury, 2016)


Woods, Gregory, Homintern: How Gay Culture Liberated the Modern World (New Haven and London: Harvard University Press, 2016)


Woolaston, Graeme, Stranger Than Love (London: GMP, 1985)IMG_7663



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